Historic John Lane Farm

Future Event Center, currently under renovation

Ways you can help in this restoration...

The restoration of the Historic John Lane Barn building began in April of 2017.  Portions of the roof were rotting away and had to be updated before the roofing could be applied.  We hit the rainy season and all work had to be stopped.  When August came, the roofing material to be applied was too heavy and the barn roof started to sway.  Gaping holes left by the roofers were covered by a tarp which blew away during a windy storm because it was not installed properly.  Due to this, the roof sustained about 80% more damage than it originally had.  Quotes on rebuilding trusses and support systems are estimated at $250,000.  After this, new roofing materials will need to be applied for an additional cost.  

We need the community's support to accomplish our goal of renovating this into an event center for everyone to use and enjoy.  You can do this by donating money at ABRI Credit Union on Renwick Road in Romeoville directly into the Historic John Lane Farm Account.  We are a 501C3 Non-Profit Inc., so all money donated is tax deductible. 


We are always looking for barn restoration entities to assist in our renovation.  Please contact Sylvia at 815-342-2656.

VOLUNTEERS always welcome!

Please contact Michelle 773-957-7554 or chelle42978@gmail.com

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